From Jo;

I first came to one of Christine's workshops several months ago  when I was battling with ill-health...I needed inspiration to encourage me to keep going towards maintaining a healthier diet.   This seemed like a good idea.

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening being amongst a small friendly bunch of other people. Christine and her daughter did a great job.    Whilst preparing some simple yummy raw foods they were happy to chat, share their knowledge and stories and answer any questions.  Going the 'raw way' takes time.

The best part for me was to have the opportunity of tasting it all at the end - it was a real treat to go out for a meal that was both tasty and healthy!

I welcome doing other workshops v much as I find eating raw at home quite laborious and boring.    I'd love to see all sorts of raw recipes being demonstrated.. encouragement is a great boost....Thanks Christine.
Hear from some of the people I have consulted with
From Heather;

I had been watching Christine over the last year (2009), as she journey with incorporating more raw food into her diet and I saw her lose weight and look great.

I began to research and read myself about the benefits of implementing more raw food into my diet and talked to Christine too. I asked Christine to let me know when she was holding a workshop as I really did not know how to prepare meals. My husband and I attended our first workshop at the beginging of 2010 which was very informative and Christine demonstrated all the dishes as well as had a booklet with recipes which was a great start.  I took Christines advice and made small changes to my diet and as my body got used to these changes, then I made a few more and I haven't looked back!

Am now looking good and feeling great having lost three pant sizes after 8 months of slowly making changes,  have recently brought a juicer and my family have started to eat more raw!! Have heaps of energy, and I now have the girls at work asking what I am doing.

Have been recommending Christine's workshops to my work collegues as it was such a beneficial and visual way to find out what, why and how to go more raw, and Christine was very good at answering my many questions!

As Christine says,"Knowledge is power" so I would recommend you attend a workshop and then begin to research and read for yourself the benefits and reasons why you should begin to look after your body.

Thanks Christine, Heather
From Bronwyn;

It was nice to see such a down-to-earth, common sense approach to eating raw food. Iím loving the book and will be having some fun playing with recipes soon.

From Jackie;

I highly recommend Christine's wonderful 'Go More Raw' classes and programme.
She is an amazing lady who is a walking advertisement for the benefits of her lifestyle. Her sincere enthusiasm for her own and her family's good health is extended to everyone around her and she is willing to share from her vast knowledge in an effort to help you with your own health goals.

Her kind and approachable 'down to earth' nature make her classes an incredible learning experience. She invites you into her home and demonstrates how easy it is to create divine- tasting dishes from healthy, luscious ingredients AND you get to sample them!
She will answer any questions and research those she can't and get back to you. She helped me get back on track with a personalised food plan and I have purchased books and supplies through her company at a reasonable cost. She has also put me in touch with other like - minded people which has helped in my quest for good health.

Her newsletter is a great read, full of tips and hints and she makes every effort to show you how to make the raw lefestyle obtainable and sustainable whilst acknowledging that everyone is unique and has individual requirements for optimal health.

Thank you Christine and I look forward to your next class knowing I will come away inspired and smiling!

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