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Go More Raw Seven Day MixnMatchProgram!
You already know that healthy food is good for you, you’ve also heard eating more
uncooked or raw food is good for you, too.
Raw food can be interesting, satisfying and taste fantastic. The big bonus is the
optimum nutrition in raw food.
For seven days you can put raw food to the test and you could be pleasantly

How? Here’s What May Surprise You

A cheesecake that is rich in taste and flavour, as good as any conventional
cheesecake but totally good for you.
Or a couscous salad which had rave reviews from children, teenagers and adults but
is made with cauliflower.
How about a smoothie with taste and texture to rival any fast-food-chain thick-
shake but is packed with minerals, vitamins, protein and omegas instead of sugar,
transfats, flavouring, colouring and other additives.
How Does the Seven Day Raw Program Work?
Here is what you will receive:
· A Seven Day menu with breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning & afternoon
tea/break and supper (evening snack).
· Recipes
· Preparation Guide
· Shopping List
· Mini-movies of how to prepare the recipes
· Daily individual contact via phone or Skype and email (Silver Level only). For
customers outside of New Zealand, we will arrange a time that fits your time
zone as well as ours.
The menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner with morning and afternoon tea/break,
and supper.

Please note, you will need a food processor and/or a blender to use this program.

Stress and Hassle Free

Eating mostly raw foods will save you precious time in the supermarket or health
store. Most of your needs are in the fresh produce area and the bulk bins, reducing
the usual zig-zagging through all the other aisles.

To save even more time, order your grocery items from our Go More Raw shop (NZ
only). Fresh produce can be delivered by local organic suppliers.

Or the ultimate timesaver of all: a Personal Shopper (NZ only). Go More Raw can
arrange a Personal Shopper to select the best organic fresh produce and grocery
items you require for your Seven Day Program. We can keep doing it, too, even
when your Seven Day Program has finished.

It will save you money! You buy little or no meat or other animal products and
virtually no processed food. No junk food or costly soda drinks to buy. Fresh
seasonal produce is one of the best value products to meet your budget.

Plus your health may improve giving you more efficient work and income possibilities.
It is no coincidence that health and wealth make very good partners.

The Seven Day Program Manual

The Seven Day Program manual (54 pages) can be downloaded and printed.
Preferrably using a colour printer. If you don't have access to a colour printer, you
can purchase a manual from Go More Raw. Choose the Silver Plus or Gold Plus
options for this. If you need the manual sent outside New Zealand, contact us. The
cost will be NZ$45 plus appropriate postage.

How Much Is the Seven Day Program?

There are two pricing options for you to choose from.

We accept Visa and Mastercard with our secure                      system.

Here is a free sample of a movie on how to prepare almond milk
(for Apple/Mac version go here)
Medical Disclaimer

No health claims whatsover are made for anything on this website.  Although we make every effort to keep our information accurate and up-to-date, the information contained in this website, or the programs attached, is not intended and must not be taken to be the provision of health claims or provision or practice of medical advice or services nor a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have questions or concerns about your health or treatment or would like more information, contact a qualified health professional. Contact a qualified health professional before starting or changing any treatment.
Let me introduce you to the Seven Day Program!
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The Silver Level
The Gold Level
The Silver Level does not include any daily
individual contact or access to email
question-time. Silver Level customers still
have full access to the members section.
This could be the choice for you if you are
confident to 'go it alone'.
The Gold all-inclusive program includes
personal contact. Three emails and five
phone (phone for NZ only) or skype calls.
Approx 4.5 hours of my time focused on 
you.  Gold Level customers have full
access to the members section.



Chocolate Mint Cheesecake